To submit an event, please call 615-601-0450 or email  Due to space constraints, only Annual Conference dates and events at the Episcopal District and Connectional levels can be displayed.  More detailed information is available from the General Secretary/CIO and the various Episcopal District or Auxiliary offices.  Connectional meetings are in BOLD typeface.


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
September 6-10 Columbia Reid Chapel, Columbia, SC
September 7-11 South East Zambia St. Thomas, Mongu, Zambia
September 7-10 Northwest Alabama Daniel Payne Community Plaza, Birmingham, AL
September 7-11 Illinois Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines, IA
September 9-13 Florida Gregg Chapel, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
September 13-17 Pittsburgh/West Virginia Bethel, Pittsburgh PA
September 13-17 Northwest Texas Baker Chapel, Ft. Worth, TX
September 14-18 South Mississippi Zion Chapel, Natchez, MS
September 14-18 Zambezi Allen Temple, Solwezi, Zambia
September 14-18 Southwest Alabama Johns Chapel, Enterprise, AL
September 15-18 West Arkansas Bethel, Malvern, AR
September 15-18 Kentucky/West Kentucky Quinn Chapel, Louisville, KY
September 19-25 Midwest Bethel, Kansas City, MO
September 20-24 South Carolina Campbell Chapel, Bluffton, SC
September 21-25 Indiana Clarion Hotel, Clarksville, IN
September 22-25 East Tennessee Bethel, Chattanooga, TN
September 22-25 Queenstown Primm Chapel, Aliwal North, South Africa
September 26-October 2 California First, Oakland, CA
September 27-30 Central Allen Chapel, Daytona Beach, FL
September 27- October 1 North Texas St. Paul, Dallas, TX
September 29 -October 2 Angola AC Pereginos, Luanda, Angola


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
October 3-10 Missouri St. James, St. Louis, MO
October 4-8 Ohio/South Ohio Wayman, Dayton OH
October 4-8 Piedmont Mt. Zion-Promised Land, Bradley, SC
October 5-8 Alabama River Region St. Paul, Montgomery, AL
October 5-9 Chicago DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Oak Brook, IL
October 5-9 North Mississippi Greater Powell Chapel, Grenada, MS
October 5-9 East Africa Soweto, Nairobi, Kenya
October 6-9 East Arkansas Gates Chapel, Crossett, AR
October 6-9 West Tennessee Greenwood, Millington, TN
October 6-10 Eastern Cape Robert Thomas, Motherwell, South Africa
October 10-15 Botswana Ball Temple, Lobatse, Botswana
October 11-14 West New Bethel, Lakeland, FL
October 11-15 Southwest Texas Metropolitan, Austin, TX
October 12-15 Northeast Alabama Washington Chapel, Tuskegee, AL
October 13-16 Kalahari Edith Ming, Pampierstad, South Africa
October 18-22 Central Butler Chapel, Orangeburg, SC
October 18-22 North Ohio Lee Memorial, Cleveland, OH
October 19-21 6th District Mid-Year Columbus, GA
October 19-22 Southwest Alabama St. Paul, Mobile, AL
October 20-22 4th District Planning Meeting Westin O’Hare, Rosemont, IL
October 20-23 West Arkansas Bethel, West Memphis, AR
October 20-23 Tennessee Lee Chapel, Nashville, TN
October 20-23 Cape Bethel Memorial, Hazendal, South Africa
October 24-30 Southern California Christ Our Redeemer, Irvine, CA
October 25-29 Texas St. Paul, Greenpoint, TX
October 25-29 Mozambique William P. DeVeaux
October 26-30 Central North Louisiana Allen Chapel, Monroe, LA
October 28-29 13th District Planning Meeting Hotel Preston, Nashville, TN
October 30-31 5th District Planning Meeting Christ Our Redeemer, Irvine, CA


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
November 1-4 East St. James, Orange Park, FL
November 1-6 Swaziland Collins Chapel
November 3-5 3rd District Post Conference Planning Convocation Renaissance Columbus Hotel, Columbus, OH
November 9-12 Bahamas Cummings-Young Temple, Freeport, Grand Bahamas
November 9-12 7th District Post Convocation and Theological Institute Florence Civic Center, Florence, SC
November 10-13 Connectional Lay Organization Fall Executive Board Meeting Columbus, OH
November 10-13 Boland Sims, Montagu, South Africa
November 11-12 17th Episcopal District Planning Meeting
November 13 Graduation Ceremony for 17th Episcopal District Seminary
November 16-19 12th District Fall Convocation and Planning Conference Embassy Suites Northwest Arkansas, Rogers, AR
November 16-20 Louisiana Allen Chapel, Baton Rouge, LA
November 17-19 10th District Planning Meeting Dallas, TX
November 17-19 15th District Planning Meeting St. Mary’s, Kimberley, South Africa
November 22-26 North-East Lesotho Allen Temple
November 28-December 4 Lesotho
Johnson Baker


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
December 2-4 Connectional MSWAWO Plus PK’s Leadership Training Nashville, TN
December 6-8 General Board and Bishops Council Chicago, IL
December 7-9 8th District Post Conference Planning Meeting Bonner-Campbell Convention Center, Edwards, MS
December 14-15 18th Episcopal District Post Conference Planning, Christian Education, Lay Organization and YPD Convention


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