1. Thank you for making the connection between our faithwalk and our ministry mandate. We have a unique calling as a faith body to hear the pains of the people and speak to them including speaking truth to power and avoid the temptation to “stick our heads in the sand” hoping that all will be well when we surface again. If we are faithful and available – on our watch – we will be called to stand, even if we have stand alone. I’m getting ready – prayed up and ready to go!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I didn’t watch the swearing of President Trump. I didn’t turn on my TV until late in the evening. I really needed to time to absorb what our country has come to to allow this type of presidency to take place. I just pray that God will forgive us as nation for putting him on the back burner. I give President Obama praise for being a great leader for eight long years.

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