1. Very interesting. I meet church folk everyday, I’m finding that it is my prayer that they are “Wise”, but I’m finding that they are “Other Wise”. Other Wise you would not have to write articles like this. Everyone want to grow but no on want to change! The sad part of the story is you can’t grow without changing and you can’t change without growing. You must take the time to get the two in balance or you will crash and burn!
    Great article Rev. Lisa!

  2. Reverend Lisa, You certainly expressed my sentiment about giving God our best. Far too many talented musicians the church has helped to receive their training and all we get is a constant request for a raise. Yet, they arrive late for worship, dressed like they are going on a picnic, play so loud that it bursts your eardrums because the sound system makes it too loud. Even when they know the liturgy, some Sundays they seem to drag it, are off key, or choir members are texting and talking among themselves. Then as soon as they finish singing, leave the choir sand and church never staying for the WORD. THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED THAT CHURCH WORK IS A COMMITMENT NOT A CONVENIENCE.

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