1. Lauren, thank you for sharing this globally…it is not an easy journey beimg a PK; I’m grateful for this article to share with my own boys who
    are beginning to express their concerns and struggle of being the Pastor’s
    As a church, we’ve got to do better by our children – PK or not!!!

  2. VERY dope article. As a fellow PK I want to encourage and applaud you for sharing your opinion with the world.

  3. Thank you, Ms. Wilson, for your heartfelt thoughts and words. If only it were possible to make this required reading for all church members! Perhaps pastors should post it in a public place in their church buildings, such as on a bulletin board….

  4. As your mother I could not be more proud of the woman we raised, who is not afraid to use your voice apologetically. It’s your “real” and I’m happy you shared. I endorse this message.

  5. Yassss! My fellow, sista ‘PK’, I can definitely co-sign everything you’ve touched upon in your article. I was born and raised, 3rd generation PK, PGK (preacher’s grandkid), in the 13th Episcopal District! And… I’m also a PS (preacher’s sister), PN (preacher’s niece) and PC (preacher’s cousin). Looking back, I realize that because of my father’s profession, and him having some ‘status’ within the 13th, we had it good! Fortunately, we only moved from TN to KY and then back to TN. Maintaining friendships with ‘church’ friends was easy b/c I still saw them at the Youth Congress’, Annual Conferences, Planning Meetings, Sunday School Conventions, etc. I can only imagine the adjustment issues that PKs, who’s fathers were re-assigned to completely different states, experienced, which often lead to acting out and other self-destructive behaviors. It’s not always easy, and as you state, the kids are expected to get over it and conform! I too strayed from the church for years! Just didn’t want to be bothered. But eventually, I found my way back. And I’m glad about it! I could go on, but then I’d have written an entire article of my own! LOL! One day, we’ll have to hook up and trade PK stories!!!! LOL!
    Peace & Blessings!

    • Thanks Angela! I’m going to start a PK facebook forum to share stories. Pk’s need people they can relate to.

  6. Great glimpse… Because the PK’s on this thread know it gets MUCH deeper! The funny thing is, I’m grown with a family of my own and it still doesn’t change! Thanks for sharing. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a PK connection where PK’s (ONLY) from all denominations could just come together, chill, be ourselves and not worry about the face that we have to put on? Just a thought…

    • Paul-

      There used to be a PK conference back in the day. I attended it when It was in DC with my other friends who are PK’s. I’m not sure if they still do it but I am all for doing this because it is much needed.

  7. I can only imagine what you have been through. I continue to pray for the healing of wives and children of pastors and bishops .

  8. Excellent article Lauren, what took you so long to write it??? The more exposure along these lines, the sooner you will see a change, I pray. As the song goes, “It’s been a long time coming, but a change is gon come.” It will come with faith in the Almighty God and patience.
    One of the things you are known for is getting the word out to others, keep it up and watch God work. Keep the faith and keep hope alive for all PK’s to come.

  9. Dear Lauren,
    Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful article. You open the dialogue door for a prospective engaging conversation with PK’s, pastors and congregations. The church needs critical thinkers like yourself to move us forward on the path of faith and witness. Again, thank you for words that are a balm.

  10. Lauren, thank you for your transparency, because people do not know what we deal with as being “First Family” and all the things that we have to endure and put up with while we’re merely working for God. Not all can handle this position. Those that are in this position truly have a special anointing in order to be able to handle this. It’s not a pretty picture and now that I’m older (36) I’m more equipped and better prepared to handle the attacks because as a child, I just wanted to retaliate, even now, but now that I have a better understanding and relationship with God and his vengeance is better than mine. Stay encouraged.

  11. Thanks for your transparency and honesty in this article. It speaks volume to who we are as a church, and I hope we are paying attention to you as you voiced your experience. I am not a Pastor yet, but will share your article with my son and daughter.

  12. Rev.Dr. Gloria Jimpson
    Sister Lauren,Thank you for sharing an enlightening and astutely profound view of a Preacher’s kids’ cultural “church view”. You are a survivor! God Bless you!

  13. Awesome article Lauren, perhaps it will help other Preacher`s Kids to express and be themselves. I am a spouse and know that the Church members are not so nice sometimes.
    We, as parents need to handle some of the negativity about our children and let them grow like other children to develop into productive adults.
    Thank you for sharing and blessings!

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