Local AME Church Leads Georgia Tornado Recovery Effort

Local AME Church leads Georgia tornado recovery effort

Rev. Kevin E. Moore

An EF-3 Tornado (Wind Speed: 158-206 mph/254-332 kph) has devastated South Georgia affecting 30,000 households.  More than 1500 homes were damaged, 450 households displaced and 1000 students absent from schools. The tornado left 2 million cubic yards of debris and 100 million dollars worth of damage. Bethel AME, Albany has become a Good Samaritan Day Shelter to help the community and those who are in need. We have partnered with the Red Cross to help displaced families find shelter. We have created 3 remote sites in areas affected by the storm and  have handed out over 500 care packages with non-perishable food, personal hygiene products, blankets, paper goods and bottled water. We have been able to feed over 800 people affected by the storm. Bethel’s Outreach for the storm victims have been funded primarily Bethel with some donations.

For those interested in helping please contact Bethel AME Church 229435-8589 Or send donations to Bethel AME Church 217 S Washington St Albany, GA 31701

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  1. it cheapens the serverity of the devastation of what had happened by placing a forign fire truck and man standing around with “Polis” on their back. show the real devastation so people will see the actual need to help. we will help, but don’t dramatize the serverity of what happened.

    • Thank you for your observation. We are not sure how the incorrect photo was displayed, but we have replaced it with a photo that we received from the church in Albany.

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