1. Pretty much! If you’re over 18 and don’t have a record that prohibits you from voting, don’t boo, vote!

    While I am one who believes that complaining, or rather making noise to showcase injustices is key in making change, you gotta vote as a supplement!

    I can go on for about an hour but I shant.

    Good stuff Law.

  2. I could not imagine having to canvas in a Ku Klux Klan area back in 2008 and 2012. Like you said though that is one of the reasons why our vote is still so crucial in this year of our Lord 2016. If anything else the final debate from last night should proved this nation what a folk tale Trump really is.

  3. I have watched all three debates and followed up with my own research on both candidates to make a knowledgeable decision. I learned nothing new from my initial thoughts but further concluded my decision. The simple fact that Trump avoids every question that he is not knowledgeable on or is uncomfortable about perplexes me if he were to be elected. The office of Presidency is faced with nothing but uncomfortable and hard situations that unfortunately you won’t be able to talk over and avoid the issue at hand.
    Through my own research, I have found numerous reports, articles, and direct videos with him going back on his own quotes, demeaning women, ethnic nationalities, and using such abusive language to describe anyone that he feels is unfit or appealing to his eyes. A man’s word should be his bond, and if you can’t stand behind your own words then you develop a huge lack of trust which I have for Trump. All of the reports of him abusing or touching women inappropriately raised a big flag in my eyes that people would wake up and see this man for who he really is behind closed doors. I heard that one person can lie on you but when so many different people say the same thing then the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
    I’m not trying to pursuade anyone to vote either way, but I would encourage everyone to do your own research and make a decision based on how you feel this next president will represent you, and please pray first.

  4. Excellent job! As someone who has always been taught to really appreciate and value this privilege, it is awesome to read an article from someone of my generation who takes it seriously as well!

    Very proud of you Law, we need more like you in the world!

    Be encouraged! You are making your mark on the world!

  5. Amen!! Faith without works is dead and if we want to see change in our government we must first change ourselves and be proactive in what we want! Nothing will happen without you physically putting a plan in action. The “My vote Doesn’t matter ” mentality is so dead!! We must show that we are serious in who we want in leadership and what we want done in our country!

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