Bishop Ingram travels to Bermuda to support Rev. Tweed; Government continues to deny work permit

Bishop Ingram travels to Bermuda to support Rev. Tweed; Government continues to deny work permit

On January 3, Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram met with the Bermudian Premier Michael Dunkley regarding the case of Rev. Nicholas Genevieve-Tweed, pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Bermuda. According to news releases, Premier Dunkley indicated that the application would not be reviewed. At a mass meeting held later that day, Bishop Ingram stated, “Someone put out the word that the Church was not standing here. I’m the Church and I want you to know that I stand unequivocally behind what he stands for and what he is.”

In a telephone conversation with The Christian Recorder, Rev. Tweed commented, “The Government has decided not to review the work permit because I’m a political threat to them. For the first time in 146 years, the lead AME Church in Bermuda has a pastor who is being denied the right to work in Bermuda.”

Rev. Tweed is one of the founding members of the People’s Campaign for Equality, Jobs and Justice. The campaign was started in 2014 in response to growing levels of inequality and dissatisfaction among a majority of Black Bermudians. Rev. Tweed indicates that the Campaign is inspired by A. Phillip Randolph, the March on Washington, and the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign. It has the backing of the two major Labor Unions on the island as well as parliamentarians from the opposition Progressive Labour Party.   Since its founding, a comprehensive manifesto has been produced and massive acts of peaceful protest have been organized by the People’s Campaign including shutting down the Bermudian Parliament.

Bermuda is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom with a population of approximately 65,000. The AME Church is the largest and oldest Black denomination in Bermuda. There are 11 churches in the Bermuda Annual Conference. The majority of Bermudians are of African descent and the political parties in the island have tended to center on ethnic lines. The opposition Progressive Labour Party is viewed as have a progressive orientation and mainly representing the Afro-Bermudian population. The ruling One Bermuda Alliance has its roots in the United Bermuda Party and is widely viewed as representing business interests and the White minority.

In spite of the Premier’s comments, Bishop Ingram is still negotiating to rescind the denial of Rev. Tweed’s permit. If the negotiations are unsuccessful, Rev. Tweed will have to either leave or be deported from Bermuda on January 19th.

Please continue to pray for Rev. Tweed, the AME Church in Bermuda and Bishop Ingram.

Statement from St. Paul AME Church:

Footage of Bishop Ingram’s Meeting with the People’s Campaign and supporters at St. Paul (fast-forward to the 54-minute mark).

Photo is from the Bermuda Sun.


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  1. “….a pastor who is being denied the right to work in Bermuda”

    He doesn’t have the ‘right’, He’s not a Bermudian. You fail to mention that he’s against no Bermudians holding jobs in Bermuda. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • “You fail to mention that he’s against no Bermudians holding jobs in Bermuda.” I believe bdaboy meant that he’s against non-Bermudians holding jobs in Bermuda

      Also at the beginning of 2016, Rev Tweed helped organize to organise a 5 day protest on the “Pathway to Status” bill and then at the beginning of December 2016, illegally blocked our House of Parliament so that our Members of Parliament (elected Government) could not enter to do the People’s Business and debate the building of a new Airport!

      Sorry, Christian Recorder, you got this completely wrong.

  2. Please just do the right thing for the people of bermuda and recall him. i am a member of St. PAUL AME and i do not believe that this protest is necessary. The protocols where not followed and he is not a bermudian. he shouldnt have come here and gotten mixed up in politics

  3. Please get your facts correct. The Rev Tweed has not followed the new immigration laws implemented in Bermuda in 2014. He needs to comply with the law like every other non Bermudian looking to work in Bermuda. His job has to be advertised so that a Bermudian can fill the post if one is available and his application form has to be accurate and complete. All the church had to do was follow the rules and the Government may have renewed his permit. We can not have one rule for friends of the establishment and one rule for everyone else, this would be most un-Christian.

  4. Mr. Tweed’s work permit was denied because the application was not remitted in accordance with long standing rules. Among other things, the job was not advertised, ruling out any possibility of a Bermudian applying for it. The permit denial was not political. ALL requests for renewals are held to the same standards. Mr. Tweed was treated exactly the same as any other guest worker. The rules must apply to all, or none.

  5. Saying the PLP has a “progressive orientation” is a gross oversimplification. The PLP opposes immigration and same sex marriage, two things generally considered to be progressive in America. The issue here is that the AME Church failed to follow Bermuda’s immigration laws and so Reverend Tweed lacks the right to work in Bermuda. A non-American pastor in America would face the exact same issue (were he even able to enter the US in the first place).

  6. This is a very bias review of what is really happening here on the island of Bermuda. We are a diverse country which should have no seperation in race. Mr. Tweed has come here and has caused a major uproar within our country and I fully support the government of Bermuda. Pray for our country, not just for your political views on the subject.
    Written by a black Bermudian who’s church has had to in the past say good bye to a Rector who’s work permit was up and has abided by the laws of the land.

  7. It would have been better to have your facts straight before commenting on this issue. The non-renewal of the work permit is nothing to do with it being a political issue but refusal of the church and the Reverend to advertise the position (based on Bermuda’s laws) as well as inaccurate and incorrect answers on his application – that was put in 1 day prior to the expiration when the process was for it to be in one month before.

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