Words from the Publisher

Words from the Publisher


Congratulations to The Christian Recorder for its 165 years of publication! The diligent work that is involved in preparing and publishing this historic periodical is to be commended and celebrated.

Since 1852, The Christian Recorder has served as a beacon of light and hope in the lives of African Americans—a light that continues to shine brightly amid the darkness. The consistent voice of the periodical has always been on the side of the disenfranchised and the oppressed and I applaud the work that has been done to continue speaking out for justice and righteousness.

The Christian Recorder is the oldest existing periodical published by African Americans in the United States and it is indeed a pleasure to see the original vision of the paper still vibrant in the 21st century. I look forward to seeing the ways in which your leadership, Mr. Thomas, will continue to propel the paper to even newer aims and higher heights.

Congratulations on your work in African Methodism and beyond. Blessings to you for continued success!


The Rev. Roderick D. Belin

President/Publisher, AME Church Publishing House (Sunday School Union)



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  1. Thanks for this edition of The Christian Recorder newsletter. It is timely, historical and a much needed reminder of our rich heirtage and survival skills, most of all our commitment and dedication to the cause of Christianity.

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