What does your kitchen says about your health?

What does your kitchen says about your health?

International Health Commission of the AME Church

Reverend Natalie Mitchem, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Spring time is a great time to “spring” clean your “body”. Many of us fast and pray during the Lent Season. During the Lent Season we often fast foods high in sugar, animal fat and salt. As soon as Lent is over, many unfortunately return back to unhealthy food and beverage choices. During the Lent fast many find that their blood pressure and blood sugar levels improve and some lose excess body weight.  This article is to encourage everyone to “spring” clean your “body” and to make healthy choices a lifestyle in order to create a culture of wellness. Gluttony, over eating and unhealthy food and beverage choices are a serious problem that leads serious health problems. 3 John 2 states “dear friend I pray that you enjoy good health and that all may go well with you even as your soul is getting along well.” NIV

Start your spring cleaning for your body with your kitchen. What does your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets say about your health and wellness? When you compare your car or clothes closet to your kitchen refrigerator and cabinets, do you spend more on quality clothes or a car or shoes or jewelry or technology than you do on quality nutritious food and beverages? Do you have closet full of name brands and a kitchen full of food of low quality that lack healthy nutrients like snacks high in white flour, white sugar, soda, sugary sweet beverages, fatty meats, processed foods and candy? Your kitchen refrigerator and cabinets tell a lot about your health and how well you are taking care of your body.  Like quality clothes, shoes or jewelry quality nutritious food cost more than unhealthy cheap food and snacks.  Quality nutritious food includes fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, onions, garlic, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, lean meat, beans, legumes, whole grain pasta, whole grain rice, water, nuts, seeds, non-dairy yogurts, non-dairy milk and variety of spices. If you drink cow’s milk it should be cow’s milk with no hormones.

If you are managing high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, digestion problems, your body weight and more does your kitchen reflect quality self-care and/or prevention of disease or poor self-care? Start your health, wellness, nutrition and fitness spring cleaning in your kitchen. This month remove old and outdated food and spices. Read food labels and make sure you are eating “real” food instead of food loaded with artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives. Remove all packaged or boxed snack foods, dinners and cereals high in sugar, salt and fat. Remove soda, diet soda and all sweet drinks. Replace all of these items with healthy “real” food. Replace soda with seltzer water and fresh fruit. This first step will be a blessing for your body and will help fight and prevent disease.




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