1. Hello! My name is Delores, I am 82 years of age. I can watch movies like “The Birth of a Nation and not to become angry because I realize that the people of that era didn’t really know better or want to know better. The movie showed a part of american history that those of the 20th and 21st century have no knowledge of what our forefathers had to endure for them to be able to live in this world today. Is it perfect? No and it will never be as long as man still does not have a change of heart. I felt the pain and the anger of Turner. I wish more of people could have seen it with an open mind.

    • I think every Black person in this country should go see “Birth of a Nation”!!! While it may not capture every detail with precision accuracy it certainly recaptures and shares a historical reality that needs to become a part of the political, educational and cultural conversations of this country. Without that we cannot move forward. Nate Parker was never charged with a crime and the young man who was, was exonerated by a court of law. Why should the value of their creativity be diminished for acts, in the eyes of the law, they did not commit? This is a Black Man who has been Blessed with phenomena skills and talents and we as a people should be uplifting and advancing him. We must become critical thinkers and stop allowing ourselves to be pitted against each other. We are physically free! Let us begin to think and act like a people out of bondage. Voices from the pulpit are ever so critical, as so many of us consider them vehicles of God.

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