1. its wonderful news to know that if give back to God what he has blessed you with he will continue to bless you. trust in the Lord to do wonders all the time.

  2. If the members of the church would trust God with his/ their tithing.God would pour out an abundance of blessings in the church. Amen. Kudos to Payne Chapel.

  3. I was visiting my son right outside of West Palm Beach and we visited Payne AMEC while I was there. I had a wonderful blessed Sunday. My son’s entire family went. I enjoyed Pastor Green’s sermon and bought the church bulletin back to share with my Pastor Dr. William A. Gray III at St. Stephen’s AMEC in Essex, Md. May God continue to bless your entire church!
    Licentiate Vanessa D. Williams
    2nd yr. BOE/ 2nd District

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