Connectional Calendar


To submit an event, please call 615-601-0450 or email  Due to space constraints, only Annual Conference dates and events at the Episcopal District and Connectional levels can be displayed.  More detailed information is available from the General Secretary/CIO and the various Episcopal District or Auxiliary offices.  Connectional meetings are in BOLD typeface.


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
April 5-7 Baltimore Bethel, Baltimore
April 5-9 Liberia Eliza Turner, Monrovia, Liberia
April 6-8 Connectional Lay Organization Executive Board Columbus, OH
April 7-9 European London, England
April 9 Palm Sunday
April 13 Connectional Day of Prayer
April 14 Good Friday
April 16 Easter Sunday
April 17-23 New Jersey North Stelton, Piscataway, NJ
April 19-21 Washington
April 20-22 Annual Ministries in Christian Education Nashville, TN
April 24-26 18th Episcopal District Midyear Swaziland
April 24-29 Called to Serve Holy Convocation Little Rock, AR
April 24-30 New York Greater Allen, Jamaica, NY
April 25-28 Augusta St. Paul, Vidalia, GA
April 27-30 Jamaica Christ Our Redeemer, Kingston, Jamaica
April 28-29 15th Episcopal District Midyear Meeting Port Elizabeth, South Africa
April 29-May 6 India Chennai, India


Date Annual Conference/Meeting Venue
May 3-6 Virginia Newport News, VA
May 5-6 18th Leadership Institute Maseru, Lesotho
May 9-12 Macon St. Paul, Macon, GA
May 16-20 Western New York Bethel, Buffalo, NY
May 17-19 North Carolina Greenville Convention Center
May 18-20 10th District Spring Convocation Dallas, TX
May 21 AME-SADA Sunday
May 22-28 Philadelphia Raddison Hotel, Valley Forge, PA
May 23-26 Atlanta-North Georgia St. Paul, Atlanta, GA
May 30-June 2 16th District Planning Meeting/Christian Education Leadership Dominican Republic
May 31-June 2 Western North Carolina North Raleigh Hilton


Date Conference/Meeting Venue
June 14-16 6th Episcopal District Post Planning Meeting
June 19-21 General Board/Council of Bishops Meeting Los Angeles, California
June 20-23 11th District’s 73rd Episcopal District Lay Convention
June 28-July 1 13th Episcopal District Christian Education Leadership Academy Bowling Green, KY