1. Creating a Safe Sanctuary – De- Trumping the Church is an excellent article. This is one that the church should heed. Every denomination that continues to hold women back are making it possible to emphasize the mentality of Trump.

  2. Well said. It isn’t trivial to say that it’s about time, because it IS long over due. Thank you for your for your candor.

  3. So powerful! When are WE- the CHURCH going to take a hard look at ourselves and realize –with these things GOD IS NOT PLEASED. My favorite quote in this article: “Black Churches have made the fight against racism a priority; however, when will fights against sexism and misogyny be equally as important? After fighting the struggle outside the walls of the church, can safety for women be found within the walls?” Bless you for the courage and determination to bring this important issue to the masses.

  4. Definitely agree! Women in the African Methodist Episcopal Church are not on a level playing field. This is evident by the fact that a “Women In Ministry” program has to exist. During most services of any conferences female preachers appear to be thrown into the mix as an afterthought. It simply says to us that sexism and misogyny is alive and well in the church, and it has not gone unnoticed!

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