Connectional Lay Organization Subscription Drive Results

Connectional Lay Organization Subscription Drive Results

The Connectional Lay Organization sponsored a drive to promote subscriptions to The Christian Recorder during the 2017 calendar year. The Eleventh Episcopal District, under the leadership of President Patricia Wright and Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Jr., turned in the most subscriptions. Their prize will be awarded in January at the 11th Episcopal District Lay Organization Executive Board Meeting.

The full results are:

First Place:            11th Episcopal District, Ms. Patricia Wright, president; Bishop Adam J. Richardson

Second: Place:    1st Episcopal District, Mrs. Cheryl Hammond-Hopewell, president; Bishop Gregory G. M. Ingram

Third Place:          5th Episcopal District, Mr. Simeon Rhoden, president; Bishop Clement W. Fugh

Fourth Place:      17th Episcopal District, Mr. Martin Lombe, president; Bishop Wilfred J. Messiah

Fifth Place:           9th Episcopal District, Mrs. Bernella Knight-Rose, president; Bishop Harry L. Seawright

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