Conn-M-SWAWO+PK’s President Cleckley Visits Johannesburg, South Africa

On May 9, 2017, President Lula Shaw Cleckley answered the call from Bishop and Supervisor Paul Kawimbe. She embarked on a six-day visit with the M-SWAWO + PK’S for districts 14-20. What a glorious experience! President Cleckley was greeted in Johannesburg, South Africa by the Rev. Mbongeni Manqele and Mrs. Pinkie Manqele, M-SWAWO + PK’S second vice president of the 19th Episcopal District. On May 14, the Nineteenth District President Seipei Mbambo, under the direction of Bishop and Supervisor Kawimbe, held a forum for the ministers’ spouses, widows, and widowers featuring President Cleckley as the guest speaker.

During the forum, the newly published Constitution and By-Laws were discussed. Increasing membership was also a hot topic. Participants were tasked with encouraging PK’s to participate in the scholarship competition in the future. As a result, the forum allowed for lots of questions which were pleasantly answered by President Cleckley. It also stimulated sharing of experiences, advice given to the younger ministers’ spouses, and lots of laughter followed by great fellowship.

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