Breaking News: Second Dylan Roof Trial Completed

Second Dylan Roof Trial Completed

On April 10, Dylan Roof was sentenced to 9 consecutive life terms by the state of South Carolina after pleading guilty to the shootings of the Mother Emanuel Nine on June 17. 2015. These terms will be appended to the 18 death sentences he received during the previous federal trial.

The state trial concludes the prosecution of Mr. Roof, who will ultimately be transferred to the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana where he will await execution. He is expected to appeal the death sentence.

After the trial, Mr. Joseph Roof, the defendant’s grandfather offered an apology to the families of the Mother Emanuel 9 on behalf of the Roof family and said, “I will go to my grave not understanding what happened.”

With information from The New York Times and The Washington Post

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  1. While I appreciate Grandfather Dylan’s wonderment, I’d like to know what he feels he needs to do differently with his progeny. What are the lessons learned? Is there any insight re the weapon of choice? Will he join the crusade to create safeguards re those who can purchase guns?

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