AME Church Planted in Hawaii

AME Church Planted in Hawaii

In February 2014, the Lord gave a vision to then Chaplain David R. Brown to plant a church while he was serving as senior chaplain on board the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii. He reflects, “He told me to name the church, ‘House of Praise’ Fellowship but in the Hawaiian language. At that time, the only Hawaiian I knew was the word, Aloha.” A professor at the University of Hawaii provided the Rev. Brown with the correct words “Hale” (house) “Ho’onani” (to make praise or bring glory).

Over the next two years, God began to draw the planting team to the vision of the church. In August 2016, Chaplain Brown sent a petition to Bishop Clement Fugh, presiding prelate of the 5th Episcopal District, to establish the congregation. He approved the petition and the opening worship service was held on October 9, 2016.

Hale Ho’onani Fellowship meets at a local school cafeteria in Kailua, which is about 12 miles from Honolulu. There are eight members, drawn from the original planting team with one of them being the first convert. It is a group of multi-cultural Millenials—all members are under 30 years old.

The ministry is focused on the local Hawaiian population and the focus for this year is discipleship and outreach. For more information on Hale Ho’onani Fellowship, you can visit their Facebook page:

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