The Connection Works

February 18, 2018 admin 0

The Connection Works Galatians 6:10 says, “So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those […]

Where Is The Love?

February 18, 2018 admin 7

Where Is The Love? By Robbie Colson-Ramsey, Contributing Writer Often, I meet young women who say, “Girl, how are you married to the preacher?” I […]

The Impact of the Itineracy

February 18, 2018 admin 5

The Impact of the Itineracy By Willie Eugene Marshall Norman Shawchuck and Roger Heuser, in their book, Managing the Congregation, wrote the following about unresolved […]

Black Consciousness in Brazil

February 18, 2018 admin 2

Black Consciousness When November rolls around in Brazil, Afro-Brazilians know what time it is. It’s Black Consciousness Month. During this month, debates, lectures, awards ceremonies, […]

When Pastors Cry

February 18, 2018 admin 3

When Pastors Cry By Rev. Dr. Melinda Contreras-Byrd, Contributing Writer                                               1 Samuel 30:3-4 says, “When David and his men came to the city, they found […]