Her Story is My Story

March 19, 2017 admin 0

One of the most noteworthy ways women empower and encourage one another is through sharing our stories. In telling our stories, we learn about relationships […]

Thy Muslim Neighbor

March 19, 2017 admin 1

Thy Muslim Neighbor Jennifer P. Sims, Ph.D., Contributing Writer   Edward Said’s concept of Orientalism addresses Westerners’ general notions of “the East.” This includes our […]

Brazil Under Temer

March 19, 2017 admin 0

Brazil under Temer Ms. Kiratiana Freelon, Special Correspondent       These two pictures have much in common. There are no women in the photo. […]

Dorothy Height Stamp Unveiled

March 19, 2017 admin 0

Dorothy Height Stamp Unveiled The United States Postal Service kicked off this year’s Black History Month observances by dedicating the Dorothy Height Forever stamp during […]

Pressing Toward Excellence

March 6, 2017 admin 7

Pressing Toward Excellence Lisa Hammonds, Assistant Editor Recently, I was talking to a friend about society’s seeming contentment with complacency. It’s one thing for such […]